The Israel Diabetes Association

61 years of activity

Together we are stronger

The Israel Diabetes Association represents Israel’s People with Diabetes (type II) vis-à-vis the decision makers at the Ministry of Health, the Health Funds, National Insurance and the IDF authorities. To date, we have made considerable headway and our efforts are ongoing.

The Association derives its strength from its proven past performance and achievements as well as having unique means of operation. Only a strong association representing the diabetic public can attain significant achievements for People with Diabetes.

As a chronic disease, Diabetes can be controlled. Proper nutrition, close and individualized follow-up, physical activity and an appropriate drug regimen can prevent complications and offer people with diabetes a better quality of life.

Israel Diabetes Association Activities

Advocacy for the rights of people with diabetes

* Including new drugs in the Health Basket
* Working together with the National Insurance Institute to recognize the illness
* To fight discrimination of People with Diabetes – insurance, driving licenses etc.
* To enforce the Equal Employment Opportunities Act
* Equality in military service

Up-to-date medical information through

* The Israel Diabetes Association quarterly magazine
* Nationwide TV twice weekly program
* Initial no-charge legal advice
* The Association’s website: sukeret.co.il
* Facebook
* 18 branches throughout the country
* National and local conferences, congresses, conventions and meetings
* Schools for people with Diabetes
* Support groups
* Mobile lab checking glucose, blood-pressure and HgA1c free of charge

Activities designed to improve medical service

* Widespread activities designed to enhance the knowledge of doctors, nurses, dieticians, social workers and others.
* Promoting basic and clinical research in the area of diabetes and metabolism.
* Training pedicurists to treat the diabetic foot
* Generating guidelines for the treatment of diabetes in all its aspects.
* Nationwide Scientific conventions for doctors, nurses, dieticians and researchers.

Products with added-value people with diabetes

* Through the Association’s Stamp to mark products that has been proven to have added value for People with Diabetes.
* Encouraging manufacturers and importers to produce, import and market food products, instruments, preparations and services which were checked and found suited for the use of people with diabetes.

The “close to home” service – activities at the Association’s branches

* Lectures
* Schools for Diabetics
* Support groups
* Local "health days" with cooperation of municipalities and hospitals


* In purchasing auxiliary medical equipment
* In purchasing books
* When taking part in the Association’s promotional campaigns
* Coupons distributed through the magazine allowing significant discounts

The “Mobile Diabetes lab” is on its way to you

The Association operates a “Mobile Diabetes lab” in order to provide convenient and accessible service throughout Israel checking glucose, blood-pressure and HgA1c.

The lab, which is equipped with the most advanced medical equipment, brings first-rate doctors, nurses and dieticians to your doorstep.

The Association operates the lab for the purpose of early diagnosis of diabetes and its complications, guiding patients and raising public awareness of the disease and its treatment.

The tests conducted in the “Mobile Diabetes lab” are a public service and they are offered free of charge, without doctor’s referral.

The test results are confidential and only divulged to the subject.

Contact us

P.O.Box 15601 Rishon Le-Zion 75359 Israel
Tel. +972-3-9508222
Fax: +972-3-9508111
E-mail: [email protected]
Chairman: Prof. Naim Shehadeh
General Manager: Mr. Moti Perlmutter